Posted by: daveraaz February 10, 2017
TRUMP 2016!!! Here is why?
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Seriously?? You call this Idiot a Conservative?? This fkn whatajoker is an arrogant stubborn Opportunist. One day, a lot sooner this SOB or any of his family members will be publicly harassed by the same ideology he is a slave of. He doesn't even know a "P' about American politics...all he knows are..hate..disrespect..harass and cry wolf. This kind of mentality should be banned and deported from this land of liberty no matter what his current status is. He is happy to see the door of opportunity shuts on the face of other Nepalese on different status F1,F2,B1,B2,H1B,TPS and on and on which is the objective of this current administration. Same on you!! Traitor!!
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