Posted by: magorkhe1 January 31, 2017
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Good for you. Hope you got your desired price.

You are right. This place is full of shit ? People like me and others has enough time to analyze the pros and cons on every things that are posted here in Sajha, it is  not only about your salvage car.
As you know empty vessel sound more, we are jack of all master of none. You may see some one swearing and cleaning their lungs full of disgusting communicable mucus and trying to infect others ( harassment) .
Hope you do not have any more to sell ? If you do please post on local Craigslist site.

Long time ago I read best of the best in Craigslist  it was a rants about car that was posted in Craigslist. What so great or funny if your car is sold. It must be worth of the price he/she has posted therefore it sold. But instead of deleting the ad people add Sold Sold Sold Sold. Your comment reminded me that.
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