Posted by: seeker77 January 12, 2017
Nepalese living outside - Stop complaining about Nepal, idiots!
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This low self-esteem pathetic loser is really jealous of people living in the US, Aus, and Europe for whatever reason. Probably he could not get a visa or could not sustain.

This idiot has a typical Nepali mentality. He thinks Nepal is his bau ko birta. Who the fuck is he to disown thousands if not millions of Nepali people living outside? A good knock on his nose would remind him of the fact that remittance runs Nepal.

Who is this mofo loser? Sorry! I could not restrain myself. If you are in sajha, I have a question for you: have you ever seen an Indian to complain about and disown any fellow Indian living abroad? Trying to make them a lesser of an Indian? I am sure you have not and won't. Why? Because Indians, unlike you tappartuia, know what values Indians living outside add to their society. I am not talking about mere money here. There are so many highly educated and skillful Nepali people outside now, who can do any types of work in Nepal if need be.

If I were you, I'd be happy. As an underqualified person as you are able to write this piece of crap in a lame blog and brag your half-assed intellect. Lato desh ko gando tanneri. Imagine, if all the better people than you stayed in Nepal, whoever would give a fuck to you? Could you compete with them?

Listen imbecile, just look at what Korea and china did in the past with their America/Europe educated people. How those people played instrumental parts in the development of their countries. India is doing the same thing right now. Many of my Indian friends in graduate school went back to India. And, India values education and brings well-educated products back. Even Pakistan provides 25K rupees per month as an allowance to PhD holders, besides providing a decent opportunity. Look at our country, if I go back to Nepal, I can't even sustain. Unless I have a kaka or mama at high positions. And, this is not only my story. So, what do you want? I should go back to Nepal to suffer so that you can flaunt your "achievement" to me? And sate is your ego?

So, calm your tits, congratulate yourself and enjoy what you are having undeservedly until that lasts.
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