Posted by: magorkhe1 January 5, 2017
Thousands of way we can be Scam
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Yes, Completely agree with you and the same applies to you. I think you are refereeing it from your own personal experiences. That is a good start because you knew the root cause and it will be easy for you to take care of it. You are as free as others, so you felt you fall on that category.

You should not be mad about it. Again I just wanted to let sajha visitors know that SCAM are everywhere even in Nepal. Isn't not relevant in your eye?  or Am I keeping my thread on the top as " budhiko saathi sang"?

What did you find so offensive on it? Did i write " aachima goman snake"? You should have commented on that thread. But you did not because you fall on the same category and people with similar interest stay together.

I hated to read this word. Sorry I have to use it because it's the right word to explain. People with KHATE mentality uses that word and that is their peculiar character.

Lastly : Have I ever wrote anything that has  "disallowed words" ? Be honest and be a man.

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