Posted by: Bekha Nepal November 27, 2016
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Few years ago, a genetic survey was done on Newar of Kathmandu. Sample from 66 random Newars were taken. The y-chromosome result is give below.

C5 – 3%
H1a – 6.1%
J2a – 6.1%
J2b – 6.1%
J2b2 – 1.5%
O3a5a – 21.2%
R2 – 25.9%
R1a1 – 25.7%
R1b1 – 10.6%

O3a5a y-chromosome is found overwhelming amongst the Mongolian population of Nepal. But only 21% of Newar has this gene. Mind you that y-chromosome is a male gene. R1a1 also known as Indo-Iranian gene is overwhelming found amongst the North-Indian including Khas-arya of Nepal. Around 25% from the sample Newar has this gene. R2 is found amongst the South India. It is in around 26% of Newar. R1b1 is known as Indo-European gene found among the French, Irish and Spanish. This gene also found among the Uighurs of western China and Hajari of Afghanistan. Strikingly 10% of Newar has this gene. Other genes like J2a, J2b etc are common to Arab population. So, though linguistically Newar belong to Bhote-Burmise, the peoples are note. They are rather diverse group of people. People came to Nepal valley from different part of the world, forgot their language, culture and assimilated to the people of here became Newar. Nepal valley was a melting pot. This process has rather stopped since 250 years.

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