Posted by: sidster November 11, 2016
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Whore meets a rich douche. This gives me great satisfcation to see these pictures and i hope they circulate in big posters everywhere the "first lady" officially the third lady goes.

I hate to tell you all democrats this but DT is more socially liberal than Hillary. At lease DT takes a strong stance on his beliefs. If it was going to be a republican elect, you all should be thankful that it was DT. Ted Cruise would have been a nightmare for Dems.

DT is a rich douche, who loves cheap labor, trades wives every 7 years like shoes, talks nasty like a street thug, does not give a shit about gay or not gay, was an ex democrat, hung out with all the wall street elitist.

I also believe that he only said nazi talks to appeal the KKK votes...which might have worked very well to won FL and OH. He knew better. He was an underdog in the primaries and also an underdog in the main election, yet he figured it out how to win.

I am sure he would have had no chance with Bernie but he was enough of a less evil than Hillary to nab this election.

For a liberal like myself, its just fun to watch the retarded conservatie fks get fked over by none other than DT. They elected a fake Repub and DT is all about his ego. He is not goint to fix Jack. The jobs are not coming back to USA and if they did Americans are no longer able to purchase things made by another american. They can barely order $6 olive garden salad that is supported by 50 cents/hr illegal mexican picking it. The harsh reality of world economic string is going to hit DT soon. He will try to pull the string from one side only to find out that the string is loosening on the other side. The poor white jerks will remain poor. The free obamacare that those aholes are taking it for granted will possibly be taken away and then only they will realize what monkey they were cheering for.
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