Posted by: Rajesh BP October 28, 2016
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Karnali ko kun gaun bata balla jharis ra newar ko hun bhanne taha ni nabhako pakhe. But alas, I blame Nepal's social studies books and Khas people's ethno-centric soceity-viewpoint in this which has always seen all groups other than Bahun-Chhetris are somewhat 'lower' than theirs, when in reality, it is not so in certain caste-varna following nation-communities like of Newars or Maithilis/madhesis.

Newars can be anyone - Tibetan/Chinky people looking to deeply Indian-Bihari or Bengali looking to typical Pahadiya looking (like Khas Bahun/Chhetri with distinct cross of Caucasoid and Mongoloid features.) Newars are never a homogenous group as is portrayed because they are just a conglomerate group of people who happened to exist with each other for some time. During this space of time, they spoke to each other in a common tongue - Newari - which is the source that binds them together. Otherwise what else commonality they have as a single force? They are Hindus but also have Buddhists among them, their customs are different according to their caste. Shresthas (upper caste Hindus) have initial death ritual mourning period upto 13 days but for Podes (lowest caste) it is supposed to be 5. Khokana Newars don't celebrate Dashain festival, Rato Machindranath chariot festival (where the famous Bhoto is shown) is not a festival of Bhaktapur, Kathmandu people, small small differences exists like during weddings, the Bare (Shakya-Bajracharya) and Urey (Tuladhar-Tamrakar etc.) don't have elaborate Hindu rituals of kanyadan, no ghungat for bride, certain unique ornaments, etc. Heck, even Bhaktapure Newari is different from Kathmandu Newari which is what 8 kms away?

Bahun-Chhetris always tend to see Newars as a single, business minded people, often placing them as the society's Vaisya caste, but this is just years and years of deep-rooted propaganda and sheer illiteracy that they tend to ignore just to perpetuate their dominance over all others.

And another point, if you think only Newars look like both Indians and Chinese, please refer to another caste called 'Thakuris' / Khas Thakuris who are even more mixed (esp the non-Kathmanduite ones of the Far West) and also most of the Khas (Chhetris) who too look distinctly mixed. Anyone knowing their history also kindly tell.
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