Posted by: BigrekoManxe September 8, 2016
Marriage not working!
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Hello all,
Need serious suggestions. I got married a few months back in Nepal. It was arranged type of thing. Everything wa alright until I met my ex a week before wedding. She persisted me to meet her for the last time and I did so. She called me two days before my wedding but I asked her not to call me or text and told her I was getting married. Story doesn't end there. She asked me to forgive her, give her a chance and cancel the wedding. Instead of canceling the wedding, I asked her to run away and to get married in a court, but she denied. She just wanted me to run away but I couldn't trust her; the reason was straight. She left me when we had a small fight over her ex being her best friend and on her facbook; I tried to save the relation for 5 long months; and finally got married.

When I returned back home from wedding, I realized I lost feelings for my wife. It went so bad, guys. I was like I made a huge mistake. I couldn't even sleep well with my wife while I was back in Nepal. Since I left Nepal, I haven't spoken with my wife. That's not the only thing, I haven't been able to sleep, work or do anything. I have been punishing myself for not giving another chance to my ex and for ruining my wife's life.

I just got an email from my employer that I was terminated due to poor performance. I have nothing now. Lost family because they forced me so much for marriage even I wasn't ready. Lost wife since I haven't spoken with her since I married her. Lost that ex bitch. Lost health and wealth. Almost everything.

Dear brothers, sisters and friends on sajha, I need your advices on divorce. Is divorce ethically or morally right? If I ask my wife to divorce me, would it be considered as I ruined her life? Would I stick with her even I don feel anything for her? Is it okay to seek divorce in Nepal if marriages don't work? Would I have to regret all my life for just divorcing her? Please guys, throw in some fruitful suggestions and some hopes to stay alive. I am being frustrated and sucidal thoughts are coming accross my mind.
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