Posted by: Tyo Din August 8, 2016
Infertility and Adoption
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We can understand you, Daredream. We are going through the same problem of infertility. Married for 6 years. We came to US 3 years ago and tried IVF 1 year ago with so-called famous doctor but it didn't succeed. IVF is very expensive( not covered by our insurance) so we lost all our saving. We are planning to have 2nd cycle after accumulating the money. Now, we have talked with each other that it will be our last cycle. We can't afford for other cycle. we are not planning to adopt child because we feel that we can't love or feel the same for the adopted child( that is our personal feeling). If God is not giving us child, he may have some plans for us.

Daredream, you are not only one to have this problem. We are not struggling to have children only but we are struggling for our career and for our survival in US. So, believe in God, whatever happens has some meaning!
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