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नेवारभित्र दलित–गैरदलित: बोलीमा छैन, व्यवहारमा अझै बाँकी छ
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I have been saying that newar is not a tribe but a culture for the longest time. No one including newars believe me. Newar was the culture of kathmandu valley, the language spoken was Newari, and whoever migrated to that valley became a newar few generation later. Sort of like whatever culture or tribe migrates to the USA the culture loses all the old culture and assimilates into US culture within 3-4 generations. Valley had a history of migration since the time of Lichhabi (supposedly migrants from India)

That is why when you look at the range of faces in newar you see the naak chucche bahun, kaalo tarai basi..and slant eyes mongloids within it. Only among newars i see a kalo mongloid face. Bhotya bhanne ko marshya bhanne newar aafai confused dekhchu ma ta. Newars have the same problems of jaat bhaat as Tarai basi and Pahade. Only in nepal we discriminate within our own and outside our own at the same time. I guess we manage to do inter-racism and intra-racism at the same time. But its easier for political reasons for only bahuns to get blamed for racism. Even though it is easier for a Rai to blame bahun for discrimination, they think its a privilege to discriminate the limbu. Gurungs pulling the same crap on Magars. Tharus probably doing the same thing amongst themselves. Each group discriminates within the group and then groups together to discriminate another group. The layers and layers of discrimination only found in south asia i guess.

Anyway...newa is a great culture and l love newa culture as a Nepali.
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