Posted by: Alias_ June 7, 2016
pashupati prasad
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Yaa,it definitely feel irritating when someone used xa and such in written convo. but I wont hurry at dubbing them downright Paakhe. Reasons:People come in various flavours these days,evolving in their own terms or conditions and they use whatever they wish to use freely in the online world( cause they can and it's not exams or any assignments) and with the luxury of grammar nazis too in the virtual world,the situations are ever more interesting than before.The arrival of internet slang,shortcuts or just plain silly twisting and twearking of words are digitally pervasive and you never know what new you will encounter in daily basis. Surely,a free good suggestion on mending and betterment is always welcome( tank-q) but that doesn't mean,one is liable to act like a Pharaoh--they are already mummified,no?
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