Posted by: Rajesh BP May 11, 2016
Why do most newari look chinese
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Not racist but ignorant is the word. These kinds of people probably have zero Newar friends or have any knowledge about Newars, hence with the generalized conclusion that all Newars look Chinese. Most Newars are definitely on the Mongoloid side, but a good chunk also have Indic heritage and hence Indic-Aryan features.

I found this blog to be interesting. Do these people look Newar to you? Because, hey, they all are Newars and by no means they look Chinese to me (their surnames in following order a/c to the pic - Rajopadhyaya, Amatya, Karmacharya, Karmacharya (Tsujil Karmacharya - singer), Sharma-Rajopadhyaya, Pradhan, Hada, Shrestha (Shristi Shrestha - Miss Nepal), Sumnima Udas (CNN journalist), Pradhananga.

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