Posted by: santa lil helper May 9, 2016
Living with American (or foreign) roommates!
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I really don't think you need a american roommate to experience american culture...i mean you're in america....u experience it everyday.

Your best bet is to prob to put an ad out there looking for similarity that you're looking for.

I've lived with "american" and "foreigner" back in the days and it was great because these were people that i knew and have a lot in common, and we just had a idea and decided to rent a house. it worked great. we had fundamental house rules that we went by, chores were loosely followed cause we all hates chores, the only time we really cleaned was when we had parties.....loads of party and girls and it was okay...we didn't have any prob. for the most part we just went on with our own business Mon-Thurs......the only time we would really get together was friday and saturday for clubbing/parties/etc, and sunday for hangover/sports/video games.

Long story need to find a roommate regardless of where they're from that is looking for the same thing as you. I'm sure you've heard of horrible roomates....this can happen to all of us!!!
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