Posted by: whatajoke April 9, 2016
TRUMP 2016!!! Here is why?
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Hillary and her betrothed husband Bill are sociopathic liars and have a trail of corpses behind them. She is only not qualified in ethics alone, the Clintons have too much to hide and I don't think a Hillary Clinton presidency would survive without impeachment for these crimes and lethal hits on individuals--Vince Foster, Ron Brown--the boys who riding their bicycles saw the planes land in Mena, Arkansas and the boys went missing or were found dead, The Clintons are cold blooded murderers and skillful liars! no no---i cannot see Clinton winning---I can only see Trump winning and I am just a tsunami of middle aged and middle class voters from all races and ethnicity that see Donald Trump as the only qualified and situated of the candidates, Can you imagine President Donald Trump's annual state of the union addresses? This is the progress we made, not idealism, real results that have improved American US cities and provided jobs.
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