Posted by: Rajesh BP April 9, 2016
I am a Newar and I love my Bahun friend.
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No I agree, this portrayal of Bahuns as the oppressors and this severe anti-Bahun feeling really proliferated since the democracy in 1991, and it just exploded after 2008. And to a good extent, there is no doubt that Bahuns have become the largest beneficiaries after the fall of the Shahs (symbolizing the downfall of Chhetris I suppose), but again to portray entire Bahun population as oppressors just because there happens to be majority Bahun politcal leaders in Singha durbar currently is looking at one thing and concluding a totally different thing.

As you said, the vast majority of Khas Chhetris were and have never been at the center of power. Even today, majority of them reside in the least developed part of Nepal - Karnali and far west. Just because the Shah and Ranas and the handful of other Chhetri clans happened to be in power does not mean the entire 40 lakh + Chhetri population are in any way the rulers or part of the oppressing juggernaut.
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