Posted by: shiva_linga April 9, 2016
I am a Newar and I love my Bahun friend.
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@rajesh, no the notion of bahun chetri as 'oppressors' or 'rulers' is actually a new notion. u cant call the 15 or 25 families that ruled nepal to represent 1 crore bahun chhetri. till 2007 saal, there were rana families ruling the centre and the chaudharis,thakur,mukhiyas, jimmwal, subba,rai of the local caste ruling in local level as feudal lords.So there were tharu chaudharis ,magar mukhiyas/jamindars,rai subba/dewan, jha jamindars, bahun chetri mukhiyas jumwal, kirati subba/dewan etc in respective places.
after the maithali speaking mallas and lichhivis, the shah rule saw the ascendance of pahade thakuri ,khas,bahun and magar in central till the rise of jung bahadur we can see generals and ministers of magar ,gurung and khas families alike. but after junge, the ranas(kunwars) monopolised the state power and even the other reknowned bhardar families like thapa,basnyat,pande,other kunwers, rana magar were confied to junior officers and reginal governor level. so it was actually a matter of a family rule rather than some ethnic kind of oppression as presented now.
also the newar high caste was always very close to the shah family and a lot of royal counselers, ambassadors,creditors,chautaria and kaji were newars too.
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