Posted by: WakkaDikka22 April 4, 2016
Fake IT Professionals with fake resumes
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This trend of hiring people with fake resumes is not new, many consultation company had earned millions over the years, who they are?? They are... IT pros themselves, They know the market, somebody above mentioned demand and supply, well guess somebody here is able to evaluate. Looking into it in a broader way, If there wasn't hiring there wouldn't be faking, most of the hiring manager knows it's fake consultant but still interviews Em to see if the dude potentially fits for the post and is able to perform. Guys please set ur mind everyone deserves a change its totally performance base, but please learn if u are hiring a proxy for ur Skype/phone interview, you don't know shit and you have not done your homework. That's where it's becomes illegal faking resumes is not illegal because it's upto the employers discretion to weather consider your resume or not (referring someone's quote from above post) but faking interview will put u behind bars trust me. They might record the interview and use it against you for forgeries/ Cheat etc. But again they are not willing to loose time and money on lawyer they are in the business to make money not to loose on non performing employees, They will let you go quietly sometimes with a good eye opening chat with manager and sometimes u r humiliated. Now it's upto you, Make a wise decision don't fake if you don't know shit and carry ability to perform.
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