Posted by: Bhai bhai April 4, 2016
Fake IT Professionals with fake resumes
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It's America guys where people came by lottery .can you believe ?what kind of background they have , anybody ever search ? No one came here as easy as dv lottery . Hagne , padne, sabai Jana chana yeha dv parera aaune haru Ani gas station ra 7 11 Ani nails and Resturant and taxi driver baneka haru . If u ask anybody about these IT thing they said why not try if it pays more then these jobs . The main thing is why we came to America and what is our goal ? Is it money ? Better education ? Better life ? Or we just passing time doing nothing ? Making the better future for our next generation. As far as I know IT is good chance for you if you got all the requirement and you got guts to do it .
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