Posted by: bhetghat April 4, 2016
Fake IT Professionals with fake resumes
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@WakkaDikka22 why should one get a pass because simple he is doing good, I think this faking culture has become so huge today because of that rational. Its okay, if your son cheats at school? is it okay if you child steals from Walmart just because Walmart is huge and can afford it? Is it okay for your child to lie to you and bunk school if he is still doing good?
What about an average child who tries his best, works hard, does all his homework, has the best behavior and work ethics to sustain as an example employee. But an 7 yrs experienced faker comes in makes twice or 3 times the salary, doesnt know about work ethics, talks loudly on the phone in the bathroom, eats with hand even when in public cafeteria, and hardly takes shower, and work is never done on time. On top you are the one training that person. American company in general are very naive and thinks their candidates are honest, they even care about diversity and try to be inclusive as possible but when we let enter one mouse, sooner or later it will all be a dump. Take an example of what happened to Target.
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