Posted by: Max Rossa April 1, 2016
Fake IT Professionals with fake resumes
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Jealousy !? Never thought of this thing when I wrote this post. @mancini I am not jealous with anyone. As a part of discussion, I came across some information, though they are not full or detailed and I wanted to bring those into it. Nothing more than that. I was also suggested to go through this path but when I knew this is 'fake', then I hesitated and started work on my degree further. Like so many other issues, this is also one of the burning issue and I thought why not to discuss about this. It is up to the person for any choice they make--like some 'smart' individuals are faking resumes and making good money.
This discussion could be the part of awareness for not faking the resumes. From the frequent inputs by you guys, I also got to learn so many things about this. Max Rossa, is just a pen name of mine in Sajha created three or four ago. Other than that I have no vested motive. If you want to interact with real me you can send me an email and we can get in touch.
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