Posted by: Max Rossa April 1, 2016
Fake IT Professionals with fake resumes
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Thanks @microbiology, @bhetghat @Adjunctprof for your valuable inputs and thoughts. I don't mean to hurt Nepali, or Indian or Pakistani who are into this malpractice and making more than 80K or 100K in a year. But this is a genuine question. In United States, fraudulence is a big deal in professional life like plagiarism is a very big deal in college life. The consequences of malpractice is even worse than we think. It is the greatness of US system that this country believes 'you are true, genuine and honest' in the first hand and you have to compete with your skills and capabilities. But at the same time, if fraudulence is discovered in one day, it's justice system will have a zero tolerance and have to face the consequences. Be happy for what your actual qualifications and skills deserve.
Fake doctors, Fake Engineers with fake credentials are not new thing for the countries in South Asia. As soon as there is complaints and investigations, those people are sacked from their position which they don't deserve--this kind of news pop up in the media off and on.
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