Posted by: bhetghat April 1, 2016
Fake IT Professionals with fake resumes
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@for people who took the straight path of working hard through school and invested so much finishing masters hoping to score a good job. Now company's are only hiring people with experience and would never even look at the resumes with real degrees anymore. I cant even imagine people with so less skill than me who doesn't even know how to use Copy Paste are making double my salary. I suggest if you see it report it to the local Workforce Center. There should not be any tolerance on cheating. What if your pilot cheated, do you want to fly on that plane? We slowly let small things slide in, ani ek din thahai napai kaile yesto bhayo bhannera pachi tauko samatnu parcha. Aru ko fataha kaam le afu kina bhognu parne? Yestai kura Nepal ma bahira ko manche le aayera garda, k Nepali chup layera bascha, (ahile po afnai neta haru le khayecha ra po chup chap chap cha), bholi Hrithik le Nepal is a part of India feri bhannu matra parcha, Bhitta ko poster lai flying kick hanera afnai khutta bhacchhna pachi pardaina Nepali haru. There is my two cents.
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