Posted by: stateofnepal April 1, 2016
Fake IT Professionals with fake resumes
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this is so called BROKEN IMMIGRATION LAW. You can't do anything unless leader like Trump comes and fix it. People fake to be refugee to get the papers and in reality they are bunch of facebook posers exhibiting themselves that they have life and so are these fake IT smugglers. It's a shambolic to represent Nepal nowadays. A country at second  in the entire world to file Refugee and now these IT fraudulent. IT frauds has been such a discouraging factor for the one who wants to peruse the degree and land jobs. It's that country where looser immigrants those can't save their status and fake to be refugees get awarded with GC/citizenship and they further fake it more to steal america's jobs. Whereas in the same page you see hardworking american those believe hard work, dedication and karma are getting locked up behind the bars. I have been through all these stories of middle class american. This is just not fair. These american are robbed in their own home from all these frauds and these are very people who raises their voices for equality. They are totally deluded and don't have idea what's immigrants are cooking as the broken immigration laws keeps on breaking..
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