Posted by: paani_ma_paade_jasto March 31, 2016
Fake IT Professionals with fake resumes
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I will help you understand few things. Most nepali folks I see with software background were pretty smart. With computer science/software engineering /IT background, I have not seen anyone returning back in few months from the job they got with fake resumes . With biology background, you will probably come back in few months ( if it is programming jobs). If you are actually in IT field, you will know what an average five years experience guy can perform. Not all , but most of the developers suck big time. This trend is definitely not good. Especially for honest person who do not want to lie ( I think kiddo or some sajha user here is a big time victim of this trend, sorry if i pointed out to wrong user), this is a major disadvantage. I have one concrete example for you . I was asked to select 2 developers from a pool of resumes. Manager was so aware of these kind of sht, he asked me to figure out if any candidate had ability to learn and if he/she had very basic understandings. One of the candidate turned out so freaking good, I was surprised for the pay rate he agreed to. He showed up at work, could not do a sht. I would have done those things in my first programming language class. That fkin stupid. Eventually , he was fired. And later , turned out the guy who actually answered his phone call was my previous project team lead. The lead told me , because he knew my number . Ethically, I should have reported both of them, but I did not . If it had personally impacted my career, I could have. But I did not feel like I would be satisfied even if I reported them. Because, people who use fake resumes are usually people who studied here in the USA. Despite the major, the chances of you getting full time job, getting sponsorship and not getting fired ( kicking you out of status) is pretty low. So they have to take this path , because those employers can keep their status active even they do not have work. On top of that, students spend thousands of dollar here in university. But the h1b cateogory is same for them and applicants from india and china who apply directly from there. So evaluating all this, they feel more safe and secure going through the desi consultancies and lying about everything. just my 2 and half cents.
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