Posted by: Jahbless March 30, 2016
TRUMP 2016!!! Here is why?
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Do you even know how the Food Stamp works?
Food stamp helps to feed the hunger, there are people who misuse them, but you gotta look at a greater good that it does.
People like Ben Carson, who now thinks food stamp is bad was once on a food stamp himself . There are a lot of people, including singers/ senators who were once on food stamp .
I understand we have freedom of speech, but goddamn your mouth runs like a never ending diarrhea.
Let's see when you get laid off and nobody hires you; how desperate you will become to maintain your status. Try and look at the whole picture. People like you are a bunch of hypocrites because when it comes to yourself everything is right, but when others do it it's a big NO NO.
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