Posted by: Khaobaadi March 10, 2016
TRUMP 2016!!! Here is why?
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Your quote, "My assumption is based on all republican voter will vote trump and all democratic voter will vote Hillary. simple!!! "

You seem to be awfully familiar with voting patterns of the American electorate. I'm starting to see Mitt Romney in you (on general election night about four years ago in 2012).

And, misogynist language you use is not that different from that of Trump's. Looks like Trump inspired you a lot on how to think and act like 1950s America. Retro misogyny is so cool and hip these days, isn't it ?

Speaking about owning VRX stocks, may be you should consider buying shares of these "fine" companies as well (if they are publicly traded companies) given the fact that you seem so invested on Trump's candidacy.

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