Posted by: yestai_cha March 7, 2016
Life at 38!
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If you think 38 year Nepali guys marries 10 years younger in Nepal because of the gender discrimination than you need to look around you and will find there is a huge proportion of 38 years old African American/white marrying 10 years younger here in US also. Most of the guys I know went back to Nepal to get married because of the prevalent attitude like yours among Nepalese girls or simply due to the fact that they prefer to marry within Nepali community and Nepali girls have low population here. I bet its your Attitude that is still holding you single despite a decent number of people responding here in this thread (oh and cut the crap that its your cousin who is looking for a groom...a first grader Nepalse can tell that its you looking for a groom).
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