Posted by: bittertruth February 26, 2016
TRUMP 2016!!! Here is why?
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Whatajoke, u know that he didnt run for president because he felt like he should out of patriotism. He ran for it because his wife had confidence on him and he said 'wth.. Why not?' did u really think he is there to make america great? Lol no way. He is there to prove that he can be the president to his wife and now his morphed desire is to garner as much as money for his corps. He inserts that 'greedy for us, greedy for america' repeat notion here and there. This guy is super fake. He doesnt give rat ass to anyone nor this country. He is there to make money. All his other saying that sound too good to be true is to dumb u down and harvest votes off of you. Just look at his past bro. He is salvaged. He cant be trusted.
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