Posted by: bittertruth February 25, 2016
TRUMP 2016!!! Here is why?
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Whatajoke, based on that deductible u must be paying at least 1000 bucks a month for ur insurance. U r at least making 150-250k a year. If thats the case u belong to upper middle class. No wonder u hate obamacare. Now those who couldnt afford healthcare, they didnt have to pay a dime. But it saved lifes. Millions of ppl got healthcare. Do we really care bout those who make tons of money, have access to healthcare and yet fret about having to pay so much on insurance w high deductible? Heck no.

Just look at this greedy bastard trump. He wants to collect more and more money. He talks about ending affordable health care act. He is implying that he dont give a rat arse if poor live or die. Its just a thought.

Those fcking stupid mexican for whatever reason voting trump must be high as fcking jealous fck.
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