Posted by: bairaghi February 3, 2016
Khusi kasari hune
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Pharsi, have u ? Dont think so, otherwise u wont be thinking abt her anymore.
Sorry bro, just trolling :)
Mr P, i think u have too much money, free time and comfort. Daiva le na diyeko dukha Kukur aaphaile khojcha re. Ask any garib people in Nepal who have to worry abt next meal, "Are u happy ?", they will laugh at u. When there are problems in life, our survival instincts take over and we spend all our effort in saving ourselves.
So find urself a challenge in life. What are u worst at ? Try to overcome that.
Dont think too much trying to figure out meaning of life. It starts " as very simple" with ignorant people, gets more and more complex as we get wiser and finally comes to full circle to the very old " simple/nothingness" as one attains Buddha. So Mr P u r on the halfway, which is the most difficult part. Keep on ur journey or u can take the short cut to the END which is same as the START.
Make life simpler.
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