Posted by: Hydrogen Sulphide February 3, 2016
Khusi kasari hune
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1. Forgive everyone (Meditation)
2. Love everyone and be kind to everyone (meditation)
3. Forgive everyone again (non-meditation, and you will need to do this ever and ever again and don't get tired with this)
4. Exercise (you need to feel good physically of yourself)
5. Find someone you cares for you, who would understand you.
6. Stop hanging around with negative people that give you negative vibes all the time ( like my ex bitch)
7. Be productive
8. Be ambitious and hard working, but not over ambitious.
9. This is import: STOP comparing yourself with others. Remember they can never be who you are (I didn't say it other way around!)
10. Stop being jealous of others, instead praise for other's success (That is the sign of successful people)

Also read all the Poems of Emily Dickinson (about 1000)

That is what I have been doing to be happy after I broke up with my bitch. I am damn happy now.
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