Posted by: tito-satya January 21, 2016
Looking for roommate Houston
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@ microbiology:
You are a pervert. Last time, a guy/girl in Sacramento area was asking for nepalese people around there because she or he just moved there and you asked are you a male or female? What the fuck wrong with your dick brother? Either masturbate or go and fuck an escort... Please stop fantasizing... You know what I mean! Sometimes, I see your very good comments and suggestions in sajha and that makes me feel that this is the guy who is good in sajha... but again, a few times, you make me feel you are just another bastard growing up in sajha.
Come on Dude! Chill out. We are first nepali before we are male or female.
If you laugh with this, just think you are matured and got matured in sajha. Or else, go to your bathroom and just masturbate. Idiot!
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