Posted by: meraj September 27, 2015
Protest against india/modi/blockade at UN?
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Don't they already control our all ministry? That is the reason we don't even have good acces for supplies with northern neighbor. Every time we tried to build some decent highways India played music and our political puppet dance with them. I am not sure what happened behind the scene this time our political puppets acts like they are clean, that's bullshit .

Recent event in Nepal has to come from some bigger power suffel in international arena , months back we were no where in constitution and today we have one, month back all these leaders were in India , now they are the one standing against India, freaking Maoist got all support including weapons from them and they are biggest anti Indians, something is not going right. Don't get surprised when India and China will do some sort treaty and chop of Nepal for them, directly or indirectly ( control over state governments) .

We have socia- economic problem in Nepal. People in terai needs respect, dignity and inclusion and some sort of assistance/empowerment and this applies to other ethnic group. Nepal's people and culture needs long due cultural modernization. People needs to change in their thought process which comes from right education access to information, good governmence and economic empowerment. Our problems were never potitical, dividing states/ geography was never actual demand nor will it solve problems . Racial division is threat to our own existence . Nepal is heading to dangerous path either way fixing this problem the way India wanted or not fixing it, and India is making sure of it. Manjority of these were planted as Maoist agenda by India . Our royal families also was didn't focus on anything other then saving their own ass.

If we don't some really smart choice and decisions , and didn't come in tother, we will detoriate very fast.

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