Posted by: kalidasbhaisaab September 15, 2015
Madhesh Support fund
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It is going to sound absolutely rude and please accept my apology in advance. Disclaimer: It is a both Pahad and Madesh Problem. But being a madhesi myself, I strongly think the problem for madhesh is our culture of discriminating against women. When I ask Rs 20 lakh dowry to get married because I am a Doctor, how am I going to expect a forward looking society. In my mind, this is not a small anamoly in our culture; it is big. In my mind, it is the biggest problem. Then we also have to spend on our Government Schools and curriculums that specifically challenges and counters this notion of saree and head scarf wearing daughters and buharis of mithila who are devoid of sexual desire and liberation. Through Women's Rights movement in Madhesh we are going to be prosperous and peaceful. Rest is just a sham. I respect your anger to this rude opinion.
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