Posted by: Sajha keto September 13, 2015
H1->TPS->Travel Nepal->Getting Married->Bring Wife
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ny2, Thanks for sharing it. 1. "Apply for TPS and just keep it as back up. After getting married you both show up for interview, get h1 for you, h4 for your wife and travel on H visas and do not use TPS AP for travel."
Does that mean I should not apply for AP or apply for AP and take it with me as back up so that if H1 stamping is rejected, use AP to come back?

2. Would there be any issues in H1 stamping as they should be aware of my TPS? I mean does TPS affects stamping on certain visa type (H1 in my case and H4 in her case)?

3. My H1 starts in October and I am in OPT now. Which one of the following would be better in your view?
a. Applying TPS after H1 starts
b. Apply now in OPT and starting october, H1 will automatically be started
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