Posted by: long_horn September 13, 2015
EB2 Question. Help Please.
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First congratulations for getting such an immigrant friendly employer, not many employers prefer to sponsor foreigners now a days. As most of the people said there is not much time difference between EB2 and EB3, on your case EB3 sounds more wise/logical. As long as you have your employer is on your back no matter of how many people apply for job, you are the only one who is getting that job.
What RadheShyam said about F1 to GC is very true. It is not that F1 cannot apply GC but chance of approval is very slim ( reason explained by RadheShyam). I was in similar situation earlier this year with extended OPT expiring on August. My lawyer explained (as Radheshyam explained) same thing, and also warned that if my GC petition is rejected then I will no longer be able to get student status since I intended to stay here being F1. In order not to be on such situation H1 is must before filing GC.
As you said your HR representative has no previous experience with sponsorship you got to be extra careful with your application and if I were you I would ask him to get immigration lawyer ( which I did on my case). Filling immigration form is tough and are confusing and could save lot of time and make your process smooth with properly filled form.
Other thing I would like to ask you is what is the urgency of filing GC before H1? As you said you work at Hospital, most of the jobs at hospital are CAP EXEMPTED ( can be filed any time of the year and has limitless quotas as far as I know). I am not sure if you and your employer are aware of it. Having H1 buys time as well for 6 yrs which should be more than enough to get green card.

P.S : Above mentioned is not an legal advice.

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