Posted by: sojoketo July 6, 2015
Anyone in Detroit/Wayne State/Dearborn, MI area?
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Just FYI anti Cancer.
yes there are many Nepali folks in Detroit Area who works for General Motor, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Ford.
Nothing offensive but some of them(male version) are really a Dck Sucker and holes of A$$. :)
I can list name of them, better not though.

and don't you fcking go and ever stop your car around 7-8 mile road, although sojoketo used to hang around  with the bAss from that area. Been there several times. Lucky me i am still alive.

Better google which avenue never to go.
The nigga gonna shot you on the face while robbing.
Two of my close friends' relatives were shot dead.
One on the head..

so be aware and better put a loaded gun in your car (like i always do)while driving to downtown Detroit. Downtown is safe though.

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