Posted by: Neupane May 20, 2015
Expired Nepalese passport... renew or wait for US citizenship?
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Wow... it's been 2875 days since my last post, almost 8 years.

Anywho, life's still going on as usual, just showing some signs that I'm not as young anymore. ;)

I got GC on 2011 and planning on getting citizenship in a year.
However, few questions:
1. My Nepalese passport expired but I don't plan on visiting Nepal this year. As there is no dual citizenship for Nepalese (stupid Nepalese law), should I still renew it with the new MRP system?

2. If I renew it, will it be helpful if I go to Nepal later and to visit India from there as I can show Nepali passport if needed?

3. After US citizenship, is there any privilege for former Nepalese citizens while visiting Nepal or it's completely same as other foreigners on visa costs, length of stay etc...?

Thanks for comments from those with at least some experience.
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