Posted by: nepal007 April 28, 2015
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Most of the posts that I see around on facebook and other social media sites insists us to Pray. It reads something like 'Lets pray for Nepal!' or something along that line.

My first question to those people is- Why did God Let it Happen in the first place? And you want people to pray to the same God who caused all this destruction? I mean shouldn't God be all loving, all kind, all knowing, and all merciful?

And there are people coming out and saying Nepalese mostly believe in Paganism, therefore, the Hindu temples are destroyed by the earthquakes in Nepal. According to some people I ve heard - they are saying that the END time is coming soon as it explained in the Bible and could possibly mean the second coming of Jesus!

I am really confused as to which God To Worship? How do I know which God to Worship- because there are so many to choose from? Muslims are as sure as Christians that their Allah is the Final answer just like every other religion claims to know the answer. How do we know that This Disaster was caused by God? Could it not just be another Natural disaster just like hurricanes, floods, rain and wind etc etc

I honestly find it hard to comprehend, and people are posting everywhere Let's Pray, Let's pray- Pray To Who?

and, What if I prayed to the wrong God? and the real one Gets Mad?

Additionally, I feel, if God Exist, He/ She/It/They must be a Sadist- for letting people suffer left and right. Logic tells me there is no such thing as God, but people insist me on praying and believing. I understand ultimately it is my choice. and I also understand this is not a time to rant but to help and we all should unite and do whatever we can from our side. But I also find that people are exploiting this time to take advantage of innocent minds and converting them into members of their cult.
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