Posted by: kaji sahab February 10, 2015
Pilot with glasses??
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First of all you need to be clear about "corrected vision". Is it correction by means of glasses, PRK, LASIK or other methods?

Even the military allows pilots with glasses to a certain extent. Whats the worst correction the military will take? Well, honestly I do not know the answer. You will have to ask a military recruiter or somebody at Fork Rucker, Alabama.

Let me point out that to become a pilot with the military is very competitive. Average joe cannnot hack it. Also the age restrictions are there too. For Air Force, it is 28. Army accepts older folks but I believe Navy and Marines standards regarding age is pretty much similar to the Air Force.
One pre requisite to becoming a pilot is being citizen of the US. So, one has to have become a citizen prior to applying.

In short, you will have no problem in training and gaining employment in the US with corrected vision through any means but there are many countries around the world that will not accept LASIK, PRK for pilots. Glasses are accepted worldwide for commercial pilots.

Ask away if you have any other questions
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