Posted by: Shreen December 13, 2014
How do I abandon her?
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With a part time job, I am wondering how you manage to pay for your college and other casual expenses as well as your girlfriend’s expenses. Since she also have a job I assume she might make as much as you do. What does she do with her money? Actually it’s not my business..
I guess both of you are living together for almost two years, and you are still in dilemma if she really loves you or not? If she truly loves you, she doesn’t want you to suffer. I read this kinda post many times and I still couldn’t understand this living-together relationship concept among unmarried Nepalese couples. When do they start living together? I mean, when they feel they’re genuinely in love and see each other as their prospective spouse, and then? Or after a couple of dates they decide to live together and seek love and feelings, just like in an arrange marriage? I think relationships are emotional investments. I take it as a big step!
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