Posted by: Sexy In Sari December 13, 2014
How do I abandon her?
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If you can tell us "You are a college student and I work part time." . Then Man-up!! Go and tell her the same. She herself works hard for the money in the restaurant, isn't she?

On thing though,  act like a  boy if you're boy, or act like a man if you are a man when you go out and date a woman.

If you're a boy, then acting like a man, you may have given her a wrong signal or impression that she may be thinking you want to settledown near soon.

Remember, woman always push little hard in a relationship  to see how her man reacts  to the challenges in real world. She knows very well that  only sweet words is not enough to survive in this world.

BTW, if you keep telling her I love you, I love you, while making love, then obivously she knows she has a  control over you.

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