Posted by: BadhiJanne December 13, 2014
How do I abandon her?
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"responsible" is a synonym for accountable, but it cannot replace the word "responsible" in every sense, unless a particular context is used.
You don't find a difference? Take this for an example: "It is not my responsibility to clean after you!" Now, try replacing the word responsibility with accountability. Makes sense?
Yes, the person can or cannot be accountable, but the context he used doesn't match the reference. When he says he cannot be accountable, he is saying if anything happens to her, he doesn't have to answer for it-He is not responsible for the actions she takes. The context is about giving her money, so the word "accountable" here doesn't fit. What he wants to say is he is not an open-account for her where she can draw any amount any time.
अब बुझ्यो? IDK नानी?
-Grammar Nazi.
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