Posted by: IDK2013 December 13, 2014
How do I abandon her?
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बढी जान्ने बाबु, अलि बढी जान्ने चाही भईनहालेको जाति हुन्थ्यो. भईहाल्यौ त्यो पनि ठिकै छ.
As you copied/pasted, one of this word's meanings is to 'be responsible'. I find it perfectly normal to use it since he doesn't want to be financially responsible for her expenses.

Anyway, for the OP.
It's gonna be your call. So from your writing, you are saying the relation being more a transactional? That you get to uckf her..and she gets it too..and she wants those gifts to get going?

If that's the case...dump her now.

If there is pretty clear kindling between you...may be she is serious about the word husband. Yes, you are also student. She should consider that...but still.

Close your eyes...and feel her inside you...where she resides..

in your heart...
or in your dick..

Now, you do that math..
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