Posted by: Highflyingeagle July 28, 2014
Can there be meaning without GOD?
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@power ranger, well God created man then if man creates a life from non life which is stem cell then God created it. Even Gandhari didn't give birth to 100 sons, that was advanced science too, just we don't have the facts left yet. How come Nasa pictures show there is a bridge between Sri lanka and India. How come Sri Lanka believes in Rawan and Hindus believe in Ram? the reason is Rawan wasn't a bad man either, he was the smartest man and the pure devotee of Shiva, but Satan touched him, he lusted after other man's wife that was Sita. He committed crime, so God had to intervene. Yes, all the demons were created from God too. That's why God has to intervene when evil goes rampant. How come a single plant doesn't grow in Kurukshetra? The answer is nuclear war. When British took over India they stole Vedas. Ever read Rig VEDa and Yajur Veda? Those years old scriptures talk about Vimanas and missiles. How come Ganesha drank milk and what happened to your science when scientists had no clue who drank milk. well it's called faith my friend. So there is duality in everything. There is a choice, either you believe or not. Living with a faith is one's choice. Anyway it's kaliyug.
Satyayug ma ta Mata Parvati le 108 barsa tapasya gar era Bhagwan Shivajilai paunu bhayo, yo kaliyug ma yeuta atheist le bhagwan chain bhandaima Bhagwan dhyannga agadi aaune ta abai pakkai haina. Bhagwan yeti sasto ni chaina ni sathi. Yo janma ma ta aba astha rakhne ho ni. As I said choice is yours.
search some ajit vadakayil vimanas about Vedas talking about flying saucers. as i said choice is yours.
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