Posted by: Kiddo July 25, 2014
Can there be meaning without GOD?
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I second rethink's point. There are just too many false stories out there, as Abraham Lincoln once said, "Don't believe everything you read online."

Now, it's actually a good story, though it wasn't Einstein who answered it. Let's analyze this. Let's assume God created goodness but nobody created evil as it doesn't exist. But why did God let absence of goodness prevail? Why, would he tolerate "not good" things happening on this children? If he is God, why can't he distribute goodness to everybody and everywhere? Why the void, which is the source of all human peril?

If you tell me God exists and just shut up, then I will shut up. But don't try to bring up pseudo-logical arguments because religion defies logic as I have previously stated. I am accepting religion as is, no logic needed.
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