Posted by: IDK2013 November 26, 2013
कुमारी प्रथा परिवर्तन गरिनु पर्छ I
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What qualifies you to invalidate the Nepalitimes article? I don't think you are some research methodology expert either. त्यो article ले बाबु तिमीलाई मज्जाले लोप्पा ख्वायो तेसैले मन परेन, होइन? 

You seem to be a sad sad being and have to come up with something silly to kill your lonesome, and that's ok. We are here to help you. But don't ridicule someone's way of life while you are a victim of little knowledge of the subject matter. Go spend some years (ok just weeks) with some of those kumari family , get a feel about them, and then bark here! 

Fair deal?
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