Posted by: San May 10, 2013
Petitioning Govt of Qatar to release Dorje Gurung
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Many of you might have already heard about the Nepali teacher, Dorje Gurung, jailed in Qatar over minor verbal skirmish with 12 year old kids. According to news, 12 year old kids were taunting him for being Nepali, calling him names at which point he is supposed to have said something to the extent of 'what if you are stereotyped as terrorists?'

At a seemingly non issue altercations such as this, the supposedly respectable school fired him two months before his contract, and as he was preparing to leave the country, he was arrested by the Qatar government for insulting muslims. His harmless discussion was taken out of context and he was accused of saying "all muslims are terrorists". It is difficult to believe that such a seemingly petty discussion with 12 year olds could actually get you in prison for 7 years, but such is the laws of the land in Qatar.

In order to make the concerned authorities aware and to instigate them to release Dorje Gurung, I urge you to please sign the petition that friends of Dorje have created. In fact, I have known Dorge during our school years and even outside of school and known him to be a very decent and caring human being.

It is impressive how much support have been pouring in for him from all over the world and I am positive he will be released soon with the support that we can give him. Please give a few minutes of your time and sign the petition.

Sign the Petition here

Please do not forget to share it in your social networks, we need as many petitions as we can get.

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