Posted by: durbarmargnepal February 25, 2013
Lets Take a Tempo RIde ? GUD GUD Tempo - KtmBoy
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mysweetlord, I couldn't have said it better.

However, I think bostonbwai has the potential to go viral. Bostonbwai, I was wondering if would consider taking requests from fellow fans? I jotted down a few lines for you that are very suitable for a man of your talent. Please make em fans happy and make a vid!

Gud Gud Gud Gud tempo,
Gud Gud Gud Gud tempo,
My name’s bostonbwai yo I’m the s*it
Haters can hate, I don’t care one bit
Ladies be lovin the lines I spit
Say all ya want, Ill bring you down with my wit
My tempo songs kickin, you be dancing to the tune
My freestyle verses make you look like a baboon
I be making rap vids for the sajha commune
Holler at bostonbwai, the most feared goon
Tempo gud gud gud gud is a song about ma honey
I ride tempos although I got lottsa money
I make hella dollars with my dope-a*s rhyme
I’m freaking awesome, I rock big time
I don’t give a single f**k about you narrow minded pricks
I be goin platinum with ma rap mix
Eminem aint got s**t on me, I got better tricks
While you’re still hatin, I’ll be partyin with chicks
Gud Gud Gud Gud tempo,
Gud Gud Gud Gud tempo,
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