Posted by: mahakaal September 9, 2004
Sai Baba's crimes & his "SEDUCED" online video.
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i just happen to read a post by "RAMESHBABU" and i respond to that post. it is posssible to have some superhuman abilities but it is not possible to just produce a ring or a watch or a chain from thin has some mechanics ans engineering in it takes quite a brain to do it by hand provided you have alll the nuts and bolts(spelling ???) and springs and those small things.a chain has to be crafted and so is the rings are made by hands or in a factory ,not in a thin air. secondly,there is no gauranteee that millions of people are always right.galellio(spelling??????) was said wrong by everbody at that time . heard some south indian actors have a temple built for them ,that dont make them god or does it ? but finallly got to give the credit to sai baba for being a true "professional" at what he does.
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